The Village Way (Dunk​-​a​-​chicken)

by Wilbur Sargunaraj

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The title track from Wilbur Sargunaraj's new album the Village Way featured on NPR. Full album releasing Early 2015.


Music and Lyrics by Wilbur Sargunaraj 2014 copyright All rights reserved

Dunku Chican dunk...dunku chican dunk...

Verse 1

Life in the village is so very first class

Attu (Goat) Koli (Chicken) Madu (cow) Errume (water buffalo) see all them pass

So many beautiful things around

Namma ooru ku vangae (come to my village) that is where I can be found!


You can start the day with riding in the Matu Vandee (bullockcart)

Namaku kudeekeeruthuku (We can drink) Goli soda (local village soda) and the yeleni (tender coconut)

You can take a pump set bath in the middle of the day (local bath in the coconut plantation)

Namakku (for us to eat) palaya soru (village rice marinated in water) ooruga (pickle) this is the village way

Verse 2

Life in the village will teach you simplicity

Karantu cut potallum (Even if they pull the electricity) smile and dance with me

Hello! You from the big city dont make fun of this!

Pattikadu ku vangae (Come to the village...or deep rural place) Ill show you a life that is blissu!


BRIDGE (where we will show various village footage or unique things)

Yeple Va ple oy! ooru soothi papoam

Come on girl come on girl around the village we go!



released December 10, 2014
Music and Lyrics by Wilbur Sargunaraj
Co-produced by RAJ (Chennai)
Vocals recorded at Revelation Studios
Cover design by Debbie Mitra



all rights reserved


Wilbur Sargunaraj Madurai, India

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